Improving awareness of anxiety in children


If anxiety has touched you or your child’s life, we’d love you to get involved with #MyAnxiousAmygdala.

The Amygdala is an area of the brain that controls emotion. When it gets overwhelmed, we can feel very stressed and anxious. #MyAnxiousAmygdala is focused on helping children with these incredibly scary feelings via a forthcoming children’s book.

Help us by selecting an image, or drawing a picture of what you think this part of your brain looks like when it’s anxious. Take a photo and post it to Instagram or Facebook. No comment is required apart from please tag us and add #MyAnxiousAmygdala to your post.

You’re welcome to add your first name, age and a story if you feel comfortable.

You can also email it to if you prefer.

It will then be reposted to our social media accounts. The objective is to build awareness of anxiety in everyday life.

Help us fight the battle for improved mental health awareness this week and beyond.

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